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Preparing income tax return is not a child’s play. Preparing all the documentations on your own can be a very cumbersome task and might leave you in more mess than solutions. As per a survey conducted by the General Accounting office of US Government, most of the taxpayers (nearly 77% out of 71 million taxpayers) felt that they are benefited by hiring a professional tax preparer for their organization.

Today’s tax laws in California are not so easy. Even Filing quite a simple return might turn out to be bit complicated. In many cases, the deductions and credits which are entitled to you, are easily overlooked. Making use of a computer application or a software program might help you to some extent,but being honest, there's no true and excellent substitute to the assistance you receive from an experienced tax professional in Los Angeles area.

At Narayan CPA, having experienced tax professionals, we do the following tasks with perfection-

  • Your organization’s tax return will not only be checked but also rechecked by our software applications.Having an eye for detail, we identify and understand the potential problems. The problems which the IRS might check closely, and also limit the IRS contacts.
  • Fill the tax return electronically, so you get a refund quicker than other options.
  • Also, we at Narayan CPA, tax professionals in Los Angeles, will reveal to you how potential deductions can limit your tax liability for the coming year. In addition to that, we will also provide you with a help sheet,consisting of most common overlooked deductions.This would help limiting the next year's tax liability.


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